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he Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breed Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the foremost body of expertise on the Staffordshire Bull Terrier world-wide.

The Breed Council is comprised of 16 UK SBT clubs and societies registered with The Kennel Club, and 9 overseas clubs are Associate members.

The objectives of the Breed Council are to co-ordinate activities of the constituent members and to promote the well-being and improvement of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The Council meets twice a year in the Spring and Autumn, and is attended by three officials (Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and PRO) and up to two (voting) representatives from each constituent member club. In addition, the KC Breed Liaison Officer/Lead Health Coordinator attends all meetings as an "observer". "Observers" are welcome to attend council meetings, however they may only participate in discussion at the Chairman's discretion or by Council's request, but without voting rights.

Membership of the SBT Breed Council is open to all SBT Clubs and Societies registered with The Kennel Club, and this currently comprises 16 constituent member clubs.

A full list of club secretaries and contact details can be accessed by clicking on ' Club Contacts' (see menu options ). In addition to UK club membership, Associate membership is open to all overseas SBT Clubs and Societies who are similarly registered in their own countries.

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The Breed Council of Great Britain and Northern Ireland wholeheartedly supports and ensorses the Kennel Club Code of Ethics and would urge all Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners to abide by its recommendations.
Please click here to read it in full.

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